Trend: Velvet

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Women’s Velvet Clothing: Blazers, Dresses, Tops and Jackets

Consider this the Velvet Revival. It’s the fabric of renaissance royalty turned 90s Pretty Woman turned modern-day casual wear. What was once an evening-wear staple is now streetwear chic. Women’s velvet clothing is everywhere—velvet dusters, blazers, shorts, tops and scrunchies. It’s a perfect mix of old-world charm and modern grunge. With its roots in luxe looks, velvet clothes are an easy way to dress up any casual look.

Style it as a cute slip dress over a white t-shirt with stompy boots or as a statement jacket paired with denim and stilettos. It’s a distinctive textile, soft to the touch, with a shine that moves like waves in the light. It’s head-turning, it’s decadent, it’s a trend with staying power. And it’s endlessly versatile, with so many looks to choose from. Think: crushed velvet, floral patterns, faux denim— all in the richest jewel tones.