Fragrance + Aromatherapy

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Wait–before you scroll up–let's get real. Explaining aromatherapy scents, or any fragrance for that matter, is a real challenge. (Until we get around to implementing scratch n sniff technology.) So we're asking you to trust our judgement that these products. all. smell. amazing. And this collection of natural aromatherapy scents, home fragrances and natural perfumes are made to boost your mood, spirit and energy.

We could never peddle a scent we didn't love. Because what if someone buys it, uses it, and then invites us over for a house party? That scenario might be a stretch, but we'd never take the chance of messing up a party. Our daily lives–from socializing to relaxing–should always be accompanied by the warming smell of hibiscus. And bergamot. And lavender. Even patchouli!

Choose the natural aromatherapy oil, spray or diffuser that suits you and your space. Are you more woodsy or earthy? Floral or herbaceous? Your home's fragrance might be a more crucial nesting decision than paint color, you guys. And this isn't new. The use of natural oils for perfume–whether for aromatherapy or spiritual reasons–has roots in ancient civilizations from every corner of the globe. So, meditate on that!

xo, FP