Holiday Survival Guide

Free People's home-office team shares their favorite immunity-boosting supplements, road trip outfits and more.

天地棋牌The holidays tend to reveal two different versions of ourselves:

The first: a twinkly-light-entangled ball of joy who bakes five kinds of pie, exclusively listens to carols and swans from one fête to the next in the ultimate party dress.

The second: a slightly less composed, definitely more scattered tornado with a mile-long gift list and (seemingly) endless social obligations.

天地棋牌The dual identities are part and parcel for the season as we revel in the happy chaos. But the mania the excitement brings can be as exhausting as it is exhilarating. To get ahead of the holiday frenzy, we tapped Free People’s very own home-office team to share their best tips and tricks for looking and feeling their best even amidst travel, family commitments, and twinkly tumult.

1. Try A Supplement Headstart

I love all the cheese platters and rich foods that are served during the holiday season (my favorite dish at Thanksgiving is nicknamed “Cheesy Onions”), so I make sure to take my probiotics daily in order to keep my digestion on track. That way I don’t feel bloated during or after a holiday meal or cocktail party where I’ve inhaled all the brie.

Hillary, Buying

2. Embrace The Oil

Cold weather is my skin’s worst enemy. In the weeks leading up to the holidays, I amp up my face oil usage before it gets too cold. My favorite: Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil to lock in moisture and create a barrier between my complexion and winter’s chill.

Melissa, Graphic Design

3. Layer Up

Some people might wear a snuggly sweater on long trips home, but I’ve learned my lesson: car rides consist of extreme heat blasting. Therefore, a sweater would leave me seriously overheated by the time I get home. Instead, I opt for an oversized tee and a puffer that I can easily zip off.

Claire, Merchandising

4. Don’t Skip Your Supplements

Make sure to stay on top of your vitamin regimen! It can be so easy to skip it when you’re traveling. In fact, I up my vitamin C intake during the holiday season to ward off illness and keep me feeling my best. My favorite vitamin C also includes calming ashwagandha.

Haley, Brand Marketing

5. Take Time For Yourself

Whether it’s an extra-long bath with my go-to bath bomb or an ultra-luxe sheet mask, I like to enjoy a moment to myself after the end of a (very) long day.

Landry, Merchandising

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