From FP HQ: Everyone With Great Hair Swears By This Secret

Healthier, happier tresses start here.

天地棋牌As a woman coming of age throughout the mid-2000s, I’ve fallen victim to all manner of hair tools and rituals:

  • A twisting contraption that promised to wield my hair into braided bliss
  • Another gadget that adorned my mane with beads and feathers
  • Chalk-based color that I painstakingly painted onto my admittedly too-dark tresses
  • Glitter, bleach, wet-to-dry straighteners, crimpers…

The list goes on. And this doesn’t even account for the number of times I’ve neglected to brush my hair after an, ahem, rambunctious night out.

My point: our hair is no stranger to beauty-induced cruelty (or, er, neglect). But while I’ve backed off the more egregious rituals, I’m still known to whip out a crimper from time to time—and, yes, I might dazzle in glitter this New Year’s Eve.

So, in the interest of balance, I’ve resolved to simply be nicer to my hair. Lending my locks the gentle approach they desire. The payoff? A softer, bouncier mane devoid of breakage and imbalance.

Here, a step-by-step guide to hair TLC.

Step. 1: It Starts Post-Shower

After gently scrubbing your scalp and rinsing your tresses, skip your standard-issue bath towel and opt for a quick-drying microfiber iteration. Extremely absorbent and much gentler on your locks, the lightweight towel won’t cause as much breakage and tugging as regular towels. Select a version with a snag-free gripped strap that keeps the towel in place so that it won’t fall off, diminishing the amount of time you spend touching your hair.

Step. 2: Make Friends With A Scrunchie

天地棋牌 Typical hair ties have a tendency to suffocate your strands, leading to breakage in the most unappealing areas (read: in the middle of your mane, right where you tie your pony). Next time, ditch your usual hairbands for a silky-soft scrunchie. From satin, supersized styles to perfectly plush picks you can pile on en masse, all of these options are infinitely more gentle and don’t bend your hair out of shape. (Bonus: there’s plenty of room to get creative.)

Step 3. Sleep On It

So, you skipped the straightener, scooped up a scrunchie and promised to never bleach your hair again. Stellar! Unfortunately, we have some bad news: you’re still causing damage to your hair while you sleep. Just think: your hair logs more contact with your pillow than it does with any other surface, and, if you’re like me and tend to roll around while you sleep, you could be knotting your tendrils without even realizing it. One remedy: get ahead of bad hair days with a silk hair wrap or pillowcase.

Both options protect hair against the friction caused by tossing and turning on a pillow, over time eliminating breakage, thinning, frizz and bed head. Used nightly, hair cuticles glide smoothly against the silk, providing the best environment to grow while maintaining your style through the night. The shape of the wrap allows hairs’ natural oils to spread evenly, meaning your roots won’t look greasy so you can wash your hair less often. Basically, it gives a whole new reason to rest easy.

For ages, I've been on a mission to perfect my hair. I’ll scrub, mask, and, yes, even hack off a few inches if I need to, but there’s something to be said for the gentle interventions I can employ in my daily routine to help reverse some of the damage I’ve already caused.

As far as I’m concerned, toweling, styling and sleeping my way to a mermaid mane is about as enticing (and low-maintenance) as it comes.

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