Free People CRVY Denim

Eight girls, from size 24 to 32, tell all.

When we debuted our CRVY collection last year, I received a crash course in denim. The curve-friendly line, available in sizes 24 to 35, was the darling of our design team, taking months to fine-tune and perfect. As FP’s copywriter, I got to sit in on countless fit tests, listening to feedback, which our design team thoughtfully applied to the collection. The result?

  • A contoured waistband and never-gapes waist
  • Holds-you-in stretch pockets
  • 12"+ difference between hips and waist

天地棋牌The most exciting part about the fit tests, though, was seeing the diverse size representation. The collection celebrates and complements women with a different hip-to-waist proportion (most denim has a 10-inch difference between the hips and waist, while CRVY is 12+ inches), meaning they can be a size 24 or 35 and still find their perfect fit.

It’s no surprise, then, that I couldn’t wait to ask my fellow home office girls to give them a go, deploying an office-wide email for willing fit testers. In the end, eight women, from size 24 to 32 and 5’1 to 5’10, wore our CRVY High-Rise Vintage Straight Jeans天地棋牌 for an entire weekend.

天地棋牌Read on for their 48-hour wear test.


Copywriter, Size 24

Body-hugging perfection through the waist and hips, and perfectly relaxed through the leg—the kind of jeans you can wear all day without dying to take them off (we’ve all been there).

天地棋牌 It is impossible for me to find a pair of jeans that fits me the right way. I’m petite (5’1!) but I definitely have some curves—courtesy of both genetics and weightlifting. It seems like every pair of jeans I own either fits my hips or my waist, but never both. These have changed the game—they’re cinched in the waist for a fitted look but have enough stretch in the hips so that my backside doesn’t get flat.

These jeans make me feel so confident, which is definitely not how I feel in all jeans! They really highlight my curves, whereas other jeans make me feel self-conscious about having curves at all. They’re flattering, body-hugging and an all-around confidence boost.

When I put them on, I know I look good, and that’s an incredible and truly rare feeling.


Allocator, Size 27

They feel incredible soft while the wash still looks vintage/rigid. So comfortable! Confession: I even successfully did a split in them.

The vintage look let me balance casual with sexy. Next time I’ll try a bodysuit like the Basique Bodysuit.

天地棋牌These are great at highlighting all my assets at the same time (my peach and small waist).

Finally, a pair of jeans exists that aren’t so stretchy they don’t hold their shape, but still fit around my curves and waist. Great balance!


Designer, Size 28

I usually don’t wear jeans that often because I don’t find them comfortable; however, these jeans are super comfy! I might size down one size if I buy these, but overall love the way these feel!

I absolutely loved the high-waisted fit. Would definitely try wearing them with a bodysuit next time—though crop tops are usually my go-to!.

I loved the thickness of the denim! Usually, I find that high-waisted jeans that have a little more stretch end up being on the thinner side—not the case with these. I also love how these jeans actually fit my waist! Typically, I have trouble with jeans flattening my butt because I size down in order to fit my waist, or they will gape a lot at my waist when I size up to fit my booty.

Great fitting jeans for all the curvy sisters out there!!! These will definitely get you endless compliments!

These jeans are the perfect solution for girls with smaller waists!


Associate Manager (Print & Color), Size 32

I have thick calves, so when I try on jeans, I can immediately tell if the fabric is going to work; these have a good amount of stretch, but not too much. They hug all of my assets without being constricting.

I follow a simple outfit formula every day: jeans, top, shoe. These vintage straight-legs are classic and really authentic-looking.

The itty bitty waist! This is where I struggle most with denim sizing: the hip to waist ratio. Other jeans tend to stretch out too much at the waist and leave a gap; these really nip my waist in.

I’ve been curvy my entire life and denim shopping has been challenging, if not embarrassing at times. Finally, I’ve found a great pair of vintage-y jeans that I actually look and feel great in.

Meet The Rest Of Our Wear-Testers

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