Clarity Tee

A lesson in outfit creativity

Every closet has a workhorse.

Sometimes, it’s your once-a-week dress. Other times, it’s a pair of perfectly worn-in jeans that match with everything.

天地棋牌The art of stretching your wardrobe is one perfected by many on-the-go girls. Who hasn’t been on the hunt for that holy grail style? One you can wear with endless outfits, a million different ways.

With nine hues, a lived-in fit and amazing customer reviews, we had a feeling our Clarity Ringer Tee might be the next ‘it’ item to wear on repeat. To put it to task, we asked FP merchandiser Hailee to wear it every day for a week—well, a work week—and spill her observations, anxieties (would anyone notice? Spoiler: nope!) and outfit inspiration.

Scroll to see the staple in action.

Day 1, Monday

The Long Way

天地棋牌 “Confession: I love an easy tee, so this wasn’t a completely impossible task. Since I knew I’d have to switch it up every day, I wanted to start with a silky skirt. I could do the undone, slouchy look and still be a little sexy, thanks to the skirt’s bias cut. Definitely the most femme way to wear. I also just bought these sandals and they make everything feel edgier because they’re so chunky—it was a no-brainer to add them to the mix.”

The Skirt, The Sandals, The Sunnies

Day 2, Tuesday

Easy Does It

“I remember that this day was SO hot and humid. I originally wanted to wear classic Levi’s, but overalls seemed comfier and cooler. Nothing was sticking to my body. As an added bonus: it actually worked out better because I didn’t feel like I was wearing the tee again, since it was tucked in.”

The Overalls, The Anklet

Day 3, Wednesday

In Command

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a pair of utility pants in my closet, and today I wanted to play with proportion (so far, I’ve worn the tee untucked and underneath something else). Usually, I wear my utility pants with Birkenstock sandals, but I’ve been loving the pants paired with strappy heels. It also felt the perfect time to whip out my bucket hat, which I haven’t had the opportunity to wear yet. This was definitely my trendiest look.”

The Pant, The Heel, The Bucket Hat, The Necklace

Day 4, Thursday

Girl In Motion

天地棋牌 “I just HAD to do a bike short look. It was another sweltering day and I was headed to an outdoor concert after work. I wanted to be able to dance. I obviously couldn’t wear the tee as a dress (believe me: I tried) and this was the barest I could get. Since it was my simplest look, I wanted to play up pop colors, like orchid and creamsicle.”

The Bike Short, The Sneaker, The Socks, The Scrunchie

Day 5, Friday

Dream Big

天地棋牌 “I loved the military look from Wednesday, but I think this one was my favorite. For my last day, I knotted up mt tee to show a little skin. The bottoms were low-slung and extreme-wide legs, which were a great balance. The mix of ivories and whites felt so low-key and effortless.

天地棋牌 Yes, I wore it to work, but I could’ve easily transitioned this to the beach afterward. It was a Friday, after all.”

The Shirt, The Pant, The Earring, The Hat

The Takeaway:

天地棋牌“It was important to me not to feel like I was too over-accessorized or over-styled with the tee. I think that would’ve been the giveaway that I wore it every day because it would’ve been so counter to my typical laidback style. During the summer, I have a handful of go-to accessories, and I wanted to make sure I only picked from those. That, to me, is the key to an easy summer wardrobe with endless versatility.”

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