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A surprising remedy from the accessories closet.

I test out a lot of different products. Whether it’s slathering on self-tanner or trying out natural deodorant, I’m used to the instant satisfaction that comes from a buzzy new product, whether it’s a buildable glow or a fresh (stink-free) feel.

I mention my fondness for trying out products because my recent foray into blue-light lenses left me a little, well, confused.

To back up: blue light—the kind that emanates from your computer, phone and TV—promotes wakefulness. When you’re scrolling through Instagram or binge-watching TV, you probably don’t notice it, but when overexposure (e.g. sitting on your laptop at work all day) occurs, it can lead to strained vision, a disrupted sleep cycle, and, for me, terrible 3pm headaches.

Blue-light glasses, then, seemed like a natural remedy: they promised to diffuse harsh blue light, preventing blurry vision, reducing headaches and ultimately leading to a better night’s sleep. As FP’s dutiful product tester, it was mere days before a pair landed on my desk.

天地棋牌For a week, I diligently wore my glasses, typing away on my computer and furrowing my brow to focus. (Confession: as someone with 20/20 vision, this part alone was a thrill.) The glasses cast a slightly yellow tint, cancelling out the blue light. The lenses, meanwhile, are crystal clear and I didn’t feel my eyes straining. There wasn’t a reflection or glare either.

In fact, it didn’t feel like...anything.

天地棋牌As it turns out, that’s the genius. According to my coworker Ali, an analytics guru and blue-glasses devotee, she only notices the harsh effects of blue-light overexposure (think: headaches, tension around her eyes) when she forgets to wear them. I challenged other coworkers to give them a go and they reported similar effects:

“It definitely felt like my eyes were able to relax more.”

天地棋牌“When I pull late nights and wear my glasses, I find the light of my laptop way less severe (and ache-inducing).”

Of course, this makes perfect sense. Wear the lenses = don’t get a headache. Don’t wear them = get a headache. However, for someone who’s used to the obvious effects of other products (remember that self tanner?), it took me a moment to celebrate their subtle payoff.

Next time, I’ll try wearing them at home. As someone guilty of scrolling through her phone at all hours of the night, I’m curious how they’ll affect my slumber. But if they’re as good at lulling me to sleep as they are at warding off my 3pm headache, then, as the saying goes: the eyes have it.

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