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天地棋牌Listen... Can we talk brushes? Specifically, how long you've had your current ones. Be honest–there's really no judging here. Until we find brushes that will last forever, we'll continue using higher quality tools that last a few years. But if your brushes' bristles are shedding, incapable of being 100% cleaned or no longer retain their original shape–it's time to freshen up your routine.

Luckily, we've got the goods. We have makeup brushes for your brows, sleek brushes for your hair and perfectly contoured brushes for foundation, blush and eye details. Rad, unique and foolproof no matter what your daily routine looks like.

天地棋牌We lovingly refer to these as our must-have essentials. Whether you want a complete set, just a base brush, or a specific eyebrow defining brush, we curated this collection to make it easy for you. Thanks for hearing us out.